Ballard Youth Soccer Club is excited to offer our winter/spring time program!

5-A-Side Soccer is an outdoor futsal league for boys and girls U8-U15 years old.

What is 5 A-Side Street Soccer Futsal?

Ballard street ball is a 5-a-side Futsal style game played on blacktop and focuses on the more technical side of soccer. Street ball emphasizes foot skills and tactics for a fast paced, high energy game. Here is how the game is played.

League and Game Setup

Teams and league will be all gender. We will use parent coaches for teams who will handle the substitutions and team communications similar to spring soccer. Teams will have 10-ish players. Games are 50 minutes games. .

Winter 2024 Season runs 8 weeks Feb 10-April 6.  Saturday Feb 17th is a holiday weekend and we often do something informal that weekend. 

BYSC Registration

Register Player 5ASide

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5-A-Side Fees 2024

U8-U15: $60 Season

Registration Info

For U8-U15 players.

Players register individually but may request a team or friend to play with.   

If you have registered with us before – your information should be already in our database which means that you have been assigned a login ID and a password. 

Cost is $60



•Ball: Futsal ball which are smaller, heavier, and do not bounce as much as a normal soccer ball.
• Footwear: flat soled tennis shoes or indoor soccer flats. No cleats.
• Shin guards are mandatory for all players.
• No jewelry, watches, or other items that may become caught on other players or equipment during play.


• Each team member will wear shirts of the same color, with the exception of the goalkeeper.
• Opposing teams must wear different color shirts that is easily distinguishable from one another.
• Home team must change color in the event of shirt color conflict.
• Goalkeepers must wear a different color shirt from either team
• Shorts or long athletic pants are acceptable for lower extremities.

Rules of Play:

AGE GROUPS: U9, U11, U14:

• 5 players on the court, 4 field players and a goalkeeper.
• All games have a running clock. 26 minute halves.
• 2 minute half-time.


• Substitutions will be made on the fly and are unlimited.
• Goalkeeper substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play.


• Home team has kickoff. (Away team starts second half)
• Opposing team waits outside of the center circle or 5 yards back. The ball will be deemed in play once it has been touched.


• Ball will be out of play when it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline.
• If a ball goes out-of-bounds on the sidelines, then it will be a kick-in to restart play.
• The ball will be placed on the sideline where it went out-of-bounds and the player will have 4 seconds to kick the ball back into play or it becomes opponent’s ball.
• All kick-ins will be indirect. Defense must give 4 yards.
• Balls out-of-bounds on the end lines for the offensive team will be a corner kick. Normal soccer rules apply. (Kick is direct.) Defense must give 4 yards.
• Balls out-of-bounds on the end line for the defensive team will be a goal kick. Opposing team retreats back to their half. The ball must touch either a player or the floor prior to crossing half court. (See penalty below.)


• The goalkeeper (“Keeper”) may not use his/her hands outside their own penalty area.
• Keeper may slide in own penalty area but only when playing the ball. Hands first not feet first.
• Keeper may not kick the ball after releasing it until another player has played it (no punts or drop-kicks allowed).
• The goalkeeper will restart play with the ball in their hands rather than a goal kick. No punts or drop-kicks allowed. The Keeper will throw or roll the ball back into play. The ball must touch either a player or the floor prior to crossing half court. If the Keeper violates this rule, an indirect free kick from the center mark is awarded.
• Goalkeeper has 5 seconds to return the ball to play.
• The ball is not in play until it clears the penalty area. If the ball is received inside the penalty area, then the goalkeeper throw is taken again.


• All foul restarts shall be awarded as an indirect free kick with two exceptions:
A foul that occurs in the penalty area or
A foul resulting from dangerous play.
•A foul occurring in the penalty area or as a result from dangerous play will result in a penalty kick.
• A penalty kick will be taken from the 6-meter mark.

• There is no offside rule in futsal.

• Due to time constraints, all games must begin and end as scheduled. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your kick-off. Please have your team on the floor and ready to play at the scheduled time.
• At least 4 players per team are needed to start. Teams not ready to start their game may forfeit that game (recorded as 5-0) and have the game shortened.
• If a team must wait for players, the game will be shortened accordingly to end at the scheduled time.
• There will be no overtime for regular season games.
• All players must play at least half of the game.

• THERE IS NO SLIDE TACKLING. Players must stay on their feet at all times with the exception of goalkeepers who are allowed to dive to block a shot. Goalkeepers can not however slide tackle to steal a ball from an opponent.
• Although some contact is unavoidable, streetball is largely a non-contact sport. Legal contact shall not be careless, reckless or excessive.
• No Body Contact. This means:
No shoulder to shoulder or other body contact that is done with the intent to take a player off the ball.
A player also can not use body to “box out” (body to body) another player.
This means no “ball first and body second” contact.
50 – 50 balls that result in contact/collisions will be awarded to the keeper on that side of the field.
Ball Contact Only. Think Basketball.
Player who is in control of the ball has right of way, unless the defender has both feet planted.
Defender must tackle the ball or strip the ball off of a player without touching the player.
Offensive player cannot charge or run into a stationary defender or any part of a stationary defender’s body. – Think Basketball “Charging.”
Any tackle that trips another player is a Yellow Card & 2 Minutes – intentional or not
Any simulation of a physical foul (flopping, diving, etc) where a player could have kept their footing, is a Yellow Card & 2 Minutes for the simulation.

Please keep coaching positive and encouraging. Remember this is designed to build players technical skills not win the World Cup.


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