Academy Training

For U8-11 the Academy Training sessions will be one of your 2 training sessions per week. This session will be with a trainer. The program curriculum will focus on development of personal player skills. So every player needs to have a ball at AT. It will run for 7 weeks in September and October. As a coach, you are REQUIRED to participate with your team by assisting your trainer. If you find it difficult to assist your trainer, you need to let me know.

The Academy Training (AT) will raise the entire club skill level through two main goals:

  • First is to help the players achieve by focusing on the skills they will need to be great players whichever team they may be on. Better ball mastery yields better player confidence.
  • Second is to give coaches weekly training. You should be able to take away practice progression and games each week that can help you plan and conduct practices. The number one thing I hear from coaches is they say they wish they knew how to run better practices. This is as much training for you as it is for the kids.

The AT will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. AT sessions will be run with multiple teams grouped by age. Further grouping (i.e. gender or skill level) will be determined by the training staff after the first session.

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