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Registration Extended-through June 14th

Hi Ballard Soccer Families,

About 2/3 of you have completed registration so far and we thank you for completing registration.  I am sure many others have tried and encountered an issue. 

Late registration was to begin June 12 but we are going to extend on time registration through Friday June 14th.  Please don’t wait until then to register because you may not remember your login or something else annomoly.  Please use this grace period to get your registration completed.

Select Registration tab.

You should see your players if not you probably have multiple accounts.  While this is our first year with the system SYSA has been using it for spring soccer and tournaments and you probably have been added to the system at some point.  Please call Affinity if you need your accounts merged. It is a quick call 1.888.213.3999 they are the’re open until 3pm weekends and 7pm weekdays.  If you need a password reset email us

Hope to see you all registered by Friday.  Please share this info with your teammates and friends.


Andrew Westmark

Executive Director, Ballard Youth Soccer Club 

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