Ballard Youth Soccer relies on parents to help us line fields for the U5-U10 ages. Seattle City Parks takes care of the other fields for U11-U18.

Parent volunteers line the micro mod fields at Ballard Community Center, Gilman and Bitterlake fields. At the beginning of the season we need a group of a dozen or so to move goals and lay out the fields for painting. After the initial layout we need volunteers to weekly repaint the lines. It is an easy task that takes about an hour.

If we can find a person to be responsible for one field for the whole season that is ideal. We cannot always find that so we do have weekly sign ups also.

Ballard Community Center – Have Season Volunteer

Bitterlake Community Center –

Bitterlake Weekly Sign-up

Gilman Playfield –

Gilman Weekly Sign-up

The Field layouts, GilmanBallard Com Center, and Bitterlake

The field lining equipment is stored at the cleat exchange and weekly volunteers pick up and return equipment there.

Directions to assemble and use the sprayer.

1. Slide handle over post on the body of the machine. (2 positions are available for desired line width)

2. Place case of paint onto the tray in the front portion of the machine. This added weight keeps the machine from bouncing and yields better lines.

3. Shake can of paint vigorously until the ball rattles freely. (Approximately 1 minute)

4. Pull up activator bar and place can upside down in the holder.

5. Once ready to paint squeeze handle to dispense paint.

6. Throw away empty cans and return sprayer to cleat exchange when done.

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