Make a Difference in the Lives of Today’s Youth

In our ever-changing world, few things are as constant as the positive experience of participating in youth sports. It teaches our children things like the importance of physical fitness and life skills such as teamwork and overcoming adversity. It’s also just plain fun, and often leads to lifelong friendships and memories.

Sponsorship Makes Financial Sense

There are a number of reasons why sponsoring a soccer team makes financial sense. First of all, it’s a low cost form of advertising. Putting your name on soccer jerseys means you will build brand awareness every time a player puts on their jersey and wears it in public. Customers will remember your name and associate it with the goodwill of sponsoring a youth sports team. Since Ballard Youth Soccer Club is a 501c3, your donation will be tax deductible. Sponsoring a team can be a low-cost, win-win way for your business to contribute positively to the community while also getting your brand out there.

Help Keep Enrollment Up and Costs Low

The more children that participate on sports teams, the better society we will be. While registration fees cover much of the cost of operating a youth soccer league, they do not cover all of it. The more sponsors we can recruit, the more we can give the gift of team sports to the youth of our community.

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