Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer is a low key soccer season for our recreational players. The program is organized by Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA). Please see the SYSA website for registration and information regarding spring soccer.

  • Spring soccer is an 8 games season in April to mid June
  • The games are all played on Sundays.
  • There are no practices. It is kind of like an organized pickup game.
  • There are no referees provided by the league
  • There are no standings or recorded scores

Note: Playing on a spring team does not affect where you play in the fall


Registration is by team not by individual player. A coach registers a team and then fills it with players. If you don’t have a team, ask around your school or friend network for a team playing and see if you can play with them for the spring.

If you cannot find a team you can register individually and the SYSA registrar will try to locate a team for you.

You can also register to coach a team and form your own roster or SYSA will help you fill the roster.

Team Spring Soccer sign-ups are open on the SYSA site. Standard registration closes February 14th and Late Registration until space is filled and costs $100 extra.

The Spring Soccer Vision

Spring Soccer was started by the late SYSA President and Queen Anne Club member Neil Callahan in 2002. The idea was to give kids a chance to play some fun soccer in the off season and improve their skills by getting more touches on the ball. Spring Soccer should not be about winning or losing, standings or scores or stressed out players. Please take Neil’s vision for Spring Soccer to heart and just let the kids play and enjoy the game in a fun, safe, creative way.

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